3 Seattle Mariners Who Would Like To Forget April

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AJ Pollock... you play for the Seattle Mariners

AJ Pollock at one point in his career was one of the top players in baseball; in 2015, he was selected to the All-Star team, won a Gold Glove, and finished 14th in the NL MVP race.

Since then, he's been a respectable player much like Kolten Wong, but better. However, Pollock's 2023 start has made him unrecognizable. Although he's getting up there in age, he played very well for the Dodgers as a role player and had a decent season with the White Sox in 2022.

While he was with the Dodgers from 2019 to 2021, he was a .260+ hitter, .800+ OPS, and hit at least 15 home runs. I mean, that's exactly what the Seattle Mariners needed to boost up the lineup, right?

So far, AJ Pollock has hit two home runs but that is about it. You thought Kolten Wong is struggling? Well, Pollock is hitting worse than Wong.

Just like I did for Julio and Kolten, I looked at their career monthly numbers. For Pollock, there isn't as much hope as I was hoping to find.

The former first round pick hits best in May, July, and September but his April numbers aren't all that bad. In his career, he hits .260 in April with a .740 OPS which is better than what Julio and Kolten tend to produce in April.

So, what is next for AJ Pollock? For me, we need to cut his playtime and make him earn a spot. With how well Jarred Kelenic has been playing, we can no longer treat left field as a platoon situation and Scott Servais has already been doing that.

And now with Taylor Trammell back we might not need to rely on Pollock that often. Lucky for us, Trammell made quite the entrance on his 2023 debut so things are looking up. But, if Pollock can turn things around in May and be the player we had hoped for, it will be a massive boost. It would ease the pressure on Scott Servais to start the same 9 players every day, which often leads to wear and tear.