3 Seattle Mariners Who Would Like To Forget April

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Kolten Wong is entering bust territory

I thought Kolten Wong was a smart acquisition for the Seattle Mariners, but things are starting to look dim. Wong's offensive numbers have been abysmal and he's made a few defensive mishaps that you wouldn't expect from a Gold Glover Winner.

Kolten Wong has never made the All-Star team but he's had a respectable career. He is a career .259 hitter and stolen 117 bases; you'd think that a track record as such would slot in nicely for the Mariners.

Although he is hitting below the Mendoza Line, I see a small glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Across his career numbers, he tends to struggle in the first month of the season. In April, he typically hits around .240 with a .675 OPS.

Now when you go into May and June, he brings that batting average up to at least .250. The OPS also follows the same trend. In May, he averages a .710 OPS. In June, he averages a .751 OPS.

When you look even further, July and August are his best offensive months. In July, he averages a .284 batting average and a .770 OPS. In August, his career average is .272 with a .760 OPS.

Now, I am not defending Kolten Wong's struggles by any means, but there is some hope for us fans.

To add to this, the Hawaii native was starting to hit better towards the end of last month. After recording just one hit in the first 7 games, he has put together 11 hits in the last 14 games. Again, it's not groundbreaking hitting but it's a step in the right direction.

Another positive that you can take out of his stats is his OBP. Wong is a patient hitter that doesn't strike out often; he will put the ball in play and force pitchers to throw quality pitches. His OBP is roughly 100 points over his batting average which is a positive sign.

All this being said, Kolten Wong needs to flush the first month of the season and start to produce for the Seattle Mariners. A slight uptick in performance from Kolten Wong at the bottom of the lineup could go a long way.

Based on what I have heard on TV, Wong isn't the type of player that will accept mediocrity so I m hopeful. I think his personality is a lot different than the guy who played for the Mariners last season.