3 scenarios for a successful winter meetings for the Mariners

With Jerry Dipoto already making moves as the Winter Meetings begin. What moves does he need to make for it to be considered a successful Winter Meeting?

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
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Scenario 3: Trade for a solid bat and sign a solid bat

The final scenario that I think could be classified as a successful Winter Meeting I think is the most unlikely, just because making 2 moves is pretty hard to do in a few days. I think the Mariners are more likely to acquire an elite bat as I previously stated, but if they were able to walk out of there with a solid DH and a solid corner outfield with the intention of still acquiring an elite corner outfielder or third baseman, I think that would be a solid Winter.

The names I would classify in this tier would be the signing of Lourdes Gurriel, Jung-Hoo Lee, Justin Turner, and Jeimer Candelario. On the trade side of things, this category could include possible names like Anthony Santander, Brandon Lowe, Harold Ramirez, or maybe even Max Kepler. I would be happy with how the winter meetings went if the Mariners walked away with Lourdes Gurriel and Anthony Santander as long as they were still intending to be aggressive to get another really good bat during the rest of the offseason.

There is a lot to be done, but there are still a fair amount of paths that the Mariners could take in order to turn this offseason into a success. The real question is, can they?