3 rentals the Mariners could Use to restock the bullpen

The Mariners have seen injuries to Brash, Santos, Speier, and More. Can you believe we're only in June? Here are 3 rentals they could go after in the bullpen
Kenley Jansen, Milwaukee Brewers v Boston Red Sox
Kenley Jansen, Milwaukee Brewers v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Option #3: Dylan Floro

The Nationals' pen has been sneaky competent this season, and Dylan Floro has been a huge part of that. He's carrying a 1.19 ERA this season in 30 games, he's been nails for over two months. He struggled last year, with a 4.76 split between the Twins and the Fish. He's only got 32 career saves, but he won't command the same price as a closer like Sewald. Floro will probably cost close to nothing, and relievers are difficult to gauge. My feeling about it is that most bullpen arms have great years and bad years. This looks like a career year for Floro, and I expect that to continue to a certain extent.

Floro is a sinkerballer, throwing it 46% of the time. He also throws a slider, four-seamer, and changeup, but his slider and sinker are his two best pitches. His 48.9% GB Rate is 77th percentile this season, while his 1.1% barrel rate is 99th percentile. That kind of consistent soft contact and groundballs mean more double plays and pop-outs.

Floro is in the bottom 2% in chase, and he doesn't generate a ton of swing and miss. He's going to rely on his ability to generate soft contact for outs, but that complements the skillsets of Santos and Munoz quite well. I love this proposal because of how realistic it is, the Mariners could get Floro for a project or org depth guy. Not much to give up, but it would be a huge lift for this bullpen!