3 rentals the Mariners could Use to restock the bullpen

The Mariners have seen injuries to Brash, Santos, Speier, and More. Can you believe we're only in June? Here are 3 rentals they could go after in the bullpen
Kenley Jansen, Milwaukee Brewers v Boston Red Sox
Kenley Jansen, Milwaukee Brewers v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Rental #1: Kenley Jansen

Kenley and his 429 career saves are reportedly as good as gone by the deadline in Boston. The 4X All-Star throws his 92 MPH cutter 90% of the time, but the lack of variance doesn't stop him from getting results. He's got a 2.89 ERA in 2024, with an impressive 33.4% K rate. His 1% chase rate indicates that guys are really swinging and missing in the zone, which is a testament to his cutter. His playoff experience as a World Series Champion, in conjunction with his 400+ saves, would be a huge addition to this Seattle bullpen. Obviously, Jerry and the Seattle org have demonstrated the ability to develop pitching, but it's difficult to artificially replace the value of a respected veteran with a resume like Jansen in the pen.

If Jerry were to call Craig Breslow about Jansen, it likely would cost close to nothing if the Mariners were willing to eat the remainder of Kenley's $16M salary. While the idea of not having to trade any prospect in the top 30 is an attractive prospect, most of us probably wouldn't name the Mariners as a typical suspect for eating salary in a trade as opposed to dealing from talent. John Stanton has expressed a willingness to spend money, so we can't rule it out.