3 relievers who could make the Mariners' Opening Day roster

With injuries to Gregory Santos and Matt Brash, these 3 relievers could surprise and make the Mariners' Opening Day roster.
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New Reliever #3 Tyson Miller

Tyson Miller could surprise and make the 2024 Opening Day roster. He has had a good spring and is looking to make the team. Miller has bounced around the league, with stops in Milwaukee, Texas, Chicago (Cubs), New York (Mets), and Los Angeles (Dodgers) organizations. In seven minor league seasons, Miller produced an ERA of 4.00 with 8.8 SO per 9 IP. In his major league career, Miller has a 6.97 ERA and finished 2023 with a 4.70 ERA.

Miller has been a true journeyman reliever having played for five different organizations in a span of four years. His numbers this spring have been decent, as Miller has given up just two unearned runs in five innings pitched. Along with seven strikeouts to two walks, while surrendering five hits. Due to the injuries to the Mariners bullpen and Miller's experience as a big league reliever, Miller has a chance to make the Mariners roster out of Spring Training.

How long Miller stays on the Mariners roster would depend on how well he performs at the big league level. He could become the Mariners' next Justin Topa or go the way of Trevor Gott. The Mariners have several relievers in Spring Training camp competing for roster spots, with Tyson Miller among them. At 28 years old, Miller is doing the best he can to make an impression on the Mariners front office and coaching staff. Hoping they give him an opportunity to be on the roster come Opening Day.