3 reasons why the poor start shouldn't worry Mariners fans

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Reason #2: The Offense has plenty of firepower

Look, I know that people are worried about the offense. It's a reasonable qualm to have. However, I think we have seen enough glimpses in 2023 combined with a nice track record from the players on the team to think that things are going to be fine. No, I'm not saying they are incredibly deep 1-9, or don't have any holes in the lineup. That would be farcical. Shoot, there aren't many teams in baseball (even WS teams) that can say they don't have a hole.

Kolten Wong is going to be fine. It would be weird if he completely forgot how to hit. He should end up with his HR and SB totals in the mid-teens and has been a .269/.346/.421 hitter over the last four seasons. Teoscar hit .283 over the last three seasons, with 25+ HR in each one (16 in 2020 comes out to 43 in a normal season). Dylan Moore should be back soon (we hope), Kelenic is hitting well, Julio is a legit stud, and Geno has been getting on base without hitting HRs.

When the bottom of the order has Murphy, Haggerty, Wong, Hummel, and they're all struggling, it looks bad. It's going to get better though, and if it doesn't? Well, that brings us to reason #3.