3 reasons why the poor start shouldn't worry Mariners fans

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Reason #3: Dipoto isn't going to stand put

If things are going bad for the Mariners, still, by the end of May... do you really think that Dipoto is going to stand pat? He's shown time and time again that he has a willingness and ability to pull off trades that no one saw coming. Suarez and Winker last March? Castillo? Teoscar? No one had any real idea that any of those were going to happen.

Dipoto has made 1 million trades... checks notes... yup, 1 million trades since coming to the organization. (it's actually around 130). The guy can't go more than a month or two without making one. MLB Trade Rumors should have their own section for the guy.

I can't see any situation where Dipoto doesn't make a deal. Mariners are 12-32? Rebuild. Mariners are hovering around .500? Maybe a rental for cheap to bolster depth. Mariners are fighting for the division lead? Impact piece to push them over the top.

There really aren't any scenarios you can have surrounding Dipoto that seem unrealistic. The guy has his hands in everything, and it makes it both fun and stressful as a fan. Things are going to be okay, Mariners fans.