3 reasons why Mariners' George Kirby is winning the Cy Young

George Kirby gained attention on a nationwide scale in 2023. Here are 3 reasons why he will win the Cy Young in 2024 as the Mariners Ace

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Reason #1 he will: Potential to set BB/9 related records

This isn't the flashiest record. It doesn't hit the baseball news headlines like Spencer Strider does with his strikeouts. Part of that makes sense, strikeouts are just more appealing from a viewership standpoint. Yet, he is never going to come anywhere near what guys like Randy Johnson have done in a season, and that's why more attention need to be paid to Kirby and how he commands the zone.

Anytime that you are able to talk about one of the ten best seasons in the history of baseball, it's amazing. George Kirby had the 8th greatest K/BB rate in a single season in 2023 with his 9.05 K/BB. 8th best all-time for anything is something that should sit at the top of your resume, and it truly seems like Kirby could do it again. Kirby was sick at the end of 2022, and had 7 walks in his last three starts. Otherwise, he had a rate of 1.15 BB/9 and a K/9 of 8.2.

Could he strike out a few more players this year, and keep that low walk rate? I really don't think that he is going to break the all-time mark of Phil Hughes and his 11.625, but he can get another top 10 season. If Kirby was to walk 19 people again, while throwing 200 IP, his BB/9 would be 0.855. Combine that with a K rate like he had his rookie year, and you would be looking at a mark of 10.737, which would be the 3rd-best mark ever. To beat Hughes, he would need a K rate of around 9.95.

Kirby is most of the best in the game, possibly of the modern era at controlling the strike zone. It should catch voters attention, as limiting baserunners paired with Ks is a great look for any pitcher.