3 questions Mariners have answered in Spring Training, 1 they haven't

The Mariners have answered a handful of questions in Spring Training so far, but this is one hanging over their heads that they don't have an answer for yet
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With Haniger's health concerns, who replaces him when he goes on the IL?

Another guy who has dealt with injuries throughout his career is one of the fan favorites, Mitch Haniger. Haniger has the potential to be a steal, as someone looked at more as a way to even out salaries in the Robbie Ray trade. He will most likely spend some time on the IL this year and a former Ken Griffey Jr. minor league Player of the Year award winner could be making his claim to fill in. 

Marlowe had some ups and downs in 2023, but looked like he could become a solid major leaguer, and at the very least a very good fourth outfielder. Marlowe showed an above average to steal some bases (4 in 34 games) as well as some pop (3 home runs in 34 games). He started to play a little less down the stretch because he was striking out quite a bit (ended the season at a 33% strikeout rate). It was a positive cup of coffee for Marlowe, and he proved he could become a good player. 

He looks to have built upon that this spring with a home run and just two strikeouts over 15 plate appearances. Marlowe has the ability to become a very valuable power and speed outfielder for this team. He could very well replace the production the Mariners were going to get out of Kelenic this year. Either way, Marlowe has solidified himself as the next outfielder up.