Three Reasons that Cade Marlowe might just be an answer in the Mariners outfield

Last year, the Mariners surprised some fans when they announced that Cade Marlowe was going to be on the playoff roster. He didn't play, and was yet to see MLB time, starting 2023 in AAA. Earning a midseason callup, he has done quite well for the M's. Could he stick around and continue to make an impact?

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For me, it goes back to the end of last season. The Mariners were going to be in the playoffs for the first time since Sean Connery last played James Bond. Okay, not quite, but it had been a long time. Playoff rosters have a taxi-squad assigned to them, and it was announced that Cade Marlowe, who had yet to play in the Majors, was going to be one of those players.

Cade Marlowe? I know a lot of fans were thinking that. Who was this guy?

Well, he had shown a great mix of power and speed in the minors with the Mariners, and was hitting for a good average as well. In 2022, between AA and AAA, he hit for a combined .287/.377/.487 with 23 HR and 42 SB. Oh, and he plays good defense as well. He started 2023 in AAA, and continued on with the good power/speed (11/25) combo. He got the call-up on in Mid-July, and has been palying steadily ever since.

Can he keep it going? Let's look at three reasons why Cade Marlowe might be a long-term answer for the Mariners in the outfield.

Reason #1: Cade Marlowe is a good defender

The next reason is the most exciting, but this is the one that helps a player stick around. Marlowe can play the corners well, putting up plus defense in both spots. That's especailly helpeful on a team with Teoscar Hernandez on it. Marlowe was plopped into a starting role on a team with a lot of pressure, and hasn't faltered at all in the outfield.

Reason #2: The power speed combo is real

This has to be the most exciting part, and it almost makes him seem like a better Dylan Moore. That's what we have always wanted from Moore, and Marlowe is providing it. 3 HR and 4 SB in 29 games shows that he is capable of 20/20 at the major league level. Obviously it's a small sample size, but that's a great start for a rookie on a team that has put together one of the hottest stretches in baseball.

Reason #3: The bat is good enough for a respectable BA

Yes, it's obviously early since Marlowe only has 82 ABs. He hit well in the minors, and has continued to do so in the majors in his limited time. He's rocking a split of .244/.333/.439. His K rate is a bit high at 31%, but he is also a rookie. I'm not saying it's going to drop to 20%, but if he can get it just under 30% and keep walking at his 11% rate, those are definitely acceptable number sin today's game.

Now, whether he plays as the Mariners 3rd outfielder next year, behind Kelenic and Julio, or they bring someone else in and Marlowe plays as more of a 4th OF/Spot guy, I think it's a great position for the Mariners. Marlowe has been a welcome addition to the team, and is proving that he deserves to stick around as long as he keeps playing this way.