3 Prospects the Seattle Mariners Need to Keep Around

The Mariners have once again grown their system into the top ten in baseball. Here are 3 prospects that they need to keep around
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This offseason for the Seattle Mariners has been turbulent, to say the least. Regardless of what the payroll situation is or if the Mariners are trying to win an exact percentage of their games, it has not been the offseason fans dreamed of. However, this offseason could mean some of the Mariners top prospects are more valuable to the Mariners organization going forward because they will be cost-controlled for multiple seasons coming up.

If the Mariners are in trouble with their payroll, their prospects who are closest to the big leagues could be the most valuable pieces in their farm system. Youngsters like Tai Peete, Colt Emerson, and Jonny Farmelo are very exciting prospects, but there are three guys who likely will see Double-A next year who could be important pieces of a 2025 team that might need to have some cheaper players on it.

There are plenty of good prospects in the Mariners system, but let's look at some specific players that they have. So, here are the three Mariners prospects whose value is going up because they will arrive in the next two years.