3 options to replace Matt Brash in Mariners bullpen after news of his injury

The Mariners were dealt devastating news, Matt Brash could miss an extended amount of time this year. With that, we take a look at 3 options to replace him in the back end of the Mariners bullpen

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Option 3: Recently acquired flamethrower, Carlos Vargas

This is perhaps the most obvious and realistic option to replace the injured Matt Brash. Vargas also likely possesses the highest upside of any pitcher on this list. Acquired in one of the most controversial topics of this offseason, Vargas is often forgot about. With just 4.2 major league innings, it is easy to overlook the youngster as a potential high leverage option; make no mistake about it, Vargas has the stuff to be in the conversation with Brash, Santos and Munoz.

The biggest issue with Vargas has been the walks, with a walk rate of four-to-six per nine innings in his time in the minor leagues between the Cleveland Guardians and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Vargas, however, has elite stuff with serious strikeout potential (something that is absolutely necessary for a high leverage option). He recently showcased as much when he sat down priced Giants offseason acquisition Jung Hoo Lee in a recent ST game.

Vargas' stuff has all of the makings of a high leverage reliever with a fastball that sits in the upper-90's touching 100, as well as slider/cutter in the low-to-mid 90's with some really good spin. Though Vargas' production hasn't been great, his stuff has the potential to be an elite high leverage option. I would fully expect the Mariners to roll with the bullpen as is, and don't be surprised if they find another high leverage reliever in Carlos Vargas in 2024.