3 options for the Mariners to protect their Starting Pitching depth

The best rotation in baseball is a luxury to have. So is depth at starting pitching. It’s highly likely the depth part is tested for Seattle this year. What happens when it is? Let’s look at the guys they can turn to currently in camp. Is that going to be enough?
San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners
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The bullpen’s loss might be the rotation’s gain

When he was claimed on waivers in February by Seattle, there was uncertainty as to whether Stoudt would stay as a starter or go to the pen. However, his recent reassignment to AAA spring camp seems to suggest that he’s going to be stretched out in Tacoma to be ready as a spot starter. As mentioned above, Dollard hasn’t thrown a pitch yet in camp so after Hancock it might be Stoudt who gets the early call if there needs to be one.

Most of you will remember Stoudt was traded to the Reds for Castillo, where he made 2 starts and 4 appearances striking out nine and giving up 11 earned runs. He’s back in the PNW this year and, hopefully, he can benefit from being in the organization that drafted him in the third round of 2019.

If Levi does make it up to the bigs there has probably been a rash of injuries occurring all clustered together. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that and if his numbers from last year reflect his ability there will almost definitely be a free-agent signing or trade (does anybody still have Tommy Milone’s number?). This is the point on the depth chart where folks start getting nervous.