3 options for the Mariners to protect their Starting Pitching depth

The best rotation in baseball is a luxury to have. So is depth at starting pitching. It’s highly likely the depth part is tested for Seattle this year. What happens when it is? Let’s look at the guys they can turn to currently in camp. Is that going to be enough?

San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners
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Bet your bottom (Taylor) Dollard 

2022 Texas League Post-Season All-Star & Pitcher of the Year, Baseball America AA All-Star, and MiLB.com Organization All-Star Taylor Dollard. If the multitude of awards got you thinking “Why haven’t people been talking about this guy all Spring?”, then let me remind you of the dark night full of terrors that was 2023 for Taylor.

After battling through just 8.1 innings at AAA Tacoma we learned that labrum surgery was in the cards for the now 25-year-old. Any chance at building on his immense success in 2022 was erased. Dollard hasn’t pitched yet in spring as of this writing so he will likely take his time to get up to speed in Tacoma before he can be called upon.

As improbable as it might sound the Mariners may just have another tandem of young broncos in the stable ready to be let loose. When Anthony DeSclafini was traded away before ever playing in Seattle it sent a message about how confident DiPoto and Hollander are in guys like Dollard. However, I think from a fan perspective counting on another miracle is a bit reckless regardless of who you expect it to come from.