3 Options for the Mariners at 3rd Base if Luis Urias is Hurt

There are a lot of rumors and speculation about Luis Urias so far for the Mariners. Here are 3 options to replace him if he starts the season on the IL
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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While the vibes have been high and the team has looked impressive so far in the early stages of spring training, not all is well in Peoria. On Tuesday, Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times (paywall) wrote about some of the injuries that have popped up this spring already. While the potential injury result of rising star reliever Matt Brash could have the biggest impact on the team, the issues with winter acquisition Luis Urías could be the most disappointing.

Urías, a potential star infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers as recently as 2021 and arguably even in 2022, was acquired by the Mariners after a rough go in 2023 that saw him split time between the Brewers and Red Sox. Hoping to bounce back at only 26 years old and in a platoon role at 3B, a shoulder injury has Urías looking like a lock to enter the season on the IL. To add more salt to the wound, it was reported by Divish that Urías showed up to Spring Training in “less-than-stellar shape” after a pretty lackluster performance this winter in the Mexican Pacific Winter League.

For a guy whose once-promising career appears on the brink, this is a pretty brutal double whammy for Urías. It's hard to fathom him being healthy enough to make the necessary throws from 3rd base, which could have major repercussions on Seattle's lineup and defense going into a make-or-break season. 

With that said, here are 3 options at 3B, considering the Luis Urías news.