3 options for a 2009 Mariners Re-Draft

The Mariners drafted Dustin Ackley from UNC with the 2nd overall pick in 2009, but what if they went a different direction?
Mike Trout, Baltimore Orioles v Los Angeles Angels
Mike Trout, Baltimore Orioles v Los Angeles Angels / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Mariners #1 Choice: Mike Trout

Of course, this one pick would take the most insight from this list, but it would also easily have the highest ROI. I was a bit young when Barry was in MVP form in SF, so Mike Trout was the first guy I've seen win 3 MVPs. The Angels grabbed him with the 25th pick, so most teams in the league passed on him for another guy back in 2009. Donovan Tate, Matt Hobgood, and Tony Sanchez were all top 5 picks in the 2009 draft, and none of them made a meaningful contribution at the Major League level. One thing you have to give Jack Zduriencik credit for is taking Ackley over those guys, at least he played 600 games at the highest level.

If you start thinking about what could have been in Seattle with a 3X MVP and the best player of the generation, you might get a headache and take out a small violin. It's been a rough 20-year stretch for Mariners fans, compounded by foolish front offices quotes like the 54% line. I know Trout hasn't been able to play in meaningful playoff games in Anaheim, but I truly do believe that the Mariners would have made multiple Postseasons runs if they had the crystal ball and drafted Trout 23 slots earlier than he went.

Of course, that's not a realistic expectation. They were going to take someone who ended up in the top 10, which is why I think Wheeler was probably the most feasible pick of these three redraft picks mentioned. That said, thinking about drafting Mike Trout is the most fun, and simultaneously the most depressing.