3 needs the Mariners still have to become serious contenders in the AL West

Over the last month the Mariners have done a good job at changing Mariners fans opinions of the seasons. Today we take a look at 3 needs the Mariners may still have
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages
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Let's get greedy and get another mid to high leverage bullpen arm

Dare I say it? I think this bullpen is better than the bullpen heading into 2023. The Mariners had Paul Sewald, Andres Munoz, Matt Brash, and quite a few question marks after that (though they had a few lesser-known guys pop). This year they will come into it with Andres Munoz, Matt Brash, and breakout reliever, Gregory Santos. Along with those high-leverage options, the Mariners have a few solid mid-to-higher-leverage options in guys like Gabe Speier and Trent Thorton.

What if the Mariners dedicated their remaining resources to establish arguably the best bullpen in baseball though? It might be a smart allocation of funds as they have done a good job of building the floor up on most of the other positions.

When I think about the Mariners acquiring a bullpen arm this offseason, the options are limited, but we thought that before they acquired Gregory Santos. There are only one or two free agents that could prove valuable to the Mariners come mid-to-late summer when the pitching staff relies on the bullpen more. If the Mariners were to pursue to trade route a few names that might fly under the radar that could fit in well to the middle of the Mariners bullpen are Tanner Scott of the Marlins (who is a one-year rental), Hunter Harvey, Dauri Moreta (who has one of the nastiest pitches in baseball), and the Brewers have a couple of solid relievers outside of Devin WIlliams in breakout relievers Joel Payamps and Hoby Milner.

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