3 moves the Mariners need to make to turn the season around

With the early struggles from the entire Mariners team, we take a look at 3 moves the team needs to make right now.
Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays
Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays / Kevin Sousa/GettyImages
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This is not what we expected at all for the Mariners through the first 12 games of the season. This team has looked like a bottom team in all of baseball and it sure doesn't look like they are anywhere near a playoff spot. There are a lot of issues with this team and there are no moves that will just completely fix this team altogether.

The pitching has been surprisingly bad and the offense has been one of the worst in all of baseball with a team strikeout rate over 30%, something that the Mariners apparently emphasized in the offseason.

Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander did a lot of work to overhaul this roster heading into 2024 and I expected there to be an adjustment period for the lineup, but this has been brutal. No one in the lineup (save for Mitch Haniger and Josh Rojas) have been producing at an actual major league level and it is constantly just costing the Mariners games.

After series' against Boston, Cleveland, and Milwaukee, they have played maybe two playoff teams and have been noncompetitive in those series. The Mariners aren't a reactionary team, but they may need to make one (or all 3) of these moves to make this team more competitive sooner rather than later.