Mariners leave Milwaukee after getting whipped in a tough series

The Mariners had a chance to get back to .500, but ended up losing the series to Milwaukee.
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

In previewing this Milwaukee trip, I concluded that the Mariners needed to be at the top of their game to win the series. Some of the pitching was inconsistent which was likely the difference between winning and losing the series.

Game 1: Friday, April 5, 2024: Mariners 5, Brewers 6

I thought that Friday was a tough loss until I viewed Sunday's game.

Though the Mariners kept pace with the Brewers into the ninth inning, they lost due to Andrés Muñoz who uncharacteristically threw so many walks that the Brewers scored an additional run.

A high point occurred when Logan Gilbert made his 500th strikeout during the game. He struck out seven batters but allowed four runs, three of these home runs. Relief pitcher Cody Bolton allowed no runs in 1.1 innings pitched.

Offensively, the Mariners’ contributions were spread out. Each player at bat made at least one hit except for Rodríguez, Raley, Canzone, and Rojas. The Mariners had three runs in the sixth and two in the ninth. Dylan Moore, Samad Taylor, and Luis Urías contributed to the score in the ninth.

Game 2: Saturday, April 6, 2024: Mariners 5, Brewers 3

Bryce Miller was outstanding, pitching seven innings with no runs and seven strikeouts! He made pitching to the Brewers look easy. The eighth inning required three relief pitchers because the Brewers immediately scored three runs as soon as Miller left. Muñoz’s return for the final inning was a game highlight for me. The last inning of the Friday night game was so unlike him that it was important for him to get back to his usual form.

Batting-wise, several Mariners hit and scored.  Rodríguez and Haniger had two hits each. New Mariners, Jorge Polanco and Luis Urías both homered and gave Seattle an extra cushion at the end of the game.

In the bottom of the fifth, Jorge Polanco made a super-human leap in the air to catch a hit by Jake Bauers. The team was much closer to the top of their game in this one.

Game 3: April 7, 2024 Mariners 4, Brewers 12

In this tough game, the Mariners did score first and did get the last two runs, but in between, Milwaukee just took over and ran our team over.

Emerson Hancock made his third MLB start but struggled, allowing eight runs. Collin Snider replaced Hancock in the bottom of the fourth. Snider allowed two runs and was then hit in the leg and had to leave the game. Tayler Saucedo replaced Snider and was the pitcher of the day, throwing for 2.2 innings, getting four strikeouts, and allowing no runs and no hits. Trent Thornton pitched for one inning also without hits or runs. Skipper Servais put Josh Rojas in for the final inning.  He allowed a two-run home run.

If the Brewers had not scored so many runs, the Mariners’ four runs would receive more attention.  In the first inning, Jorge Polanco hit a single after Julio Rodríguez made it to second base, allowing Julio to score. In the second inning, Dylan Moore doubled and then scored on a single from Josh Rojas.

Rojas and Canzone, the duo who arrived from Arizona at the 2023 trade deadline, were responsible for the final two runs. Rojas walked and then Canzone hit a home run to right field and they both scored.

On to Toronto . . .

I was pleased that several of the starting lineup who have not been hitting regularly did contribute offensively to these games. Polanco and Urías homered when it counted.

In addition to Miller's amazing seven innings, the pitching moment that stays with me is Muñoz's return as closer the night after having thrown four walks. I think that Servais made a good decision to return him to that role and allow him to shore up his self-confidence.

Go Mariners! Be amazing in Toronto!