3 moves the Mariners need to make now that the winter meetings are over

The winter meetings are over, and they went fairly quietly. Here are 3 moves that the Mariners need to make to turn around their offseason

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Move #1: Mariners need to make an impact trade

This could go at the end, but I want to put it on here first. If the Mariners are going to do anything this offseason, it's likely that this is the route that they would take to do it. It's been hammered, and rightfully so, that Stanton and Dipoto have not put any money into hitting in free agency. We've said it before and I'll say it again, 1YR/$7M to Pollock last year was the largest deal to a FA hitter since 2015.

That's wild, and still hard to believe.

If they are going to continue to go that route, we have to look at the trade market. Would it be to call the Rays and try and pry away a hitter or two from them? Possibly going even bigger with the Glasnow route+hitting to cut down the Rays payroll? That could lead to another trade to acquire more hitting, but the Rays are the team that we have heard about the most.

Or would it be another team? Supposedly, Pete Alonso is available from the Mets. Then you have the Cardinals who have a bit of a logjam in the outfield, and it sounds like you may be able to coax either Nolan Arenado or Paul Goldschmidt away from them at the right price, but I see those as unlikely. It could be O'Neill or Nootbar or Walker, someone like that.

Or would it be more of a dark horse? Colorado possibly for Nolan Jones or Brendan Rodgers? Maybe a move with the Twins to grab someone from them? Could you pry someone away from the Marlins to re-unite them with Brant Brown?

Hey, let's go crazy and get Beiber, Clase, and Jose Ramirez from the Guardians. Yeah, I know it won't happen, so I'll just boot up MLB The Show to feel good about it. Still, the Mariners need to make an impact trade, and I think that's the most likely thing that happens after the completion of the winter meetings.