3 moves the Mariners need to make now that the winter meetings are over

The winter meetings are over, and they went fairly quietly. Here are 3 moves that the Mariners need to make to turn around their offseason
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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Move #2: Mariners need to sign a legit corner OF

The move that I think happens is a trade. It's what the Mariners always do. The one that I want to happen, though, is to see them sign a corner outfielder, and I have a little ranking in my head of favorites. For some reason, I think that Jung Hoo Lee is going to be a fantastic addition to whoever signs him this offseason.

It's highly unlikely that he hits like he did in the KBO. That just doesn't happen, and the 340 BA and 6% K rate that he has had the last few years should not be expected. However, he won five straight Gold Gloves over there, so he would be a great corner addition. Not a speedster by any means, nor is he have crazy pop. I do think that seeing batting averages pushing 300 with 10/10 HR/SB is possible though. Why wouldn't you want that?

Outside of him, it goes Lourdes Gurriel Jr, Jorge Soler, and Harrison Bader as a lower-end get. Get a legit OF who makes an immediate impact on your team. You can't roll out Canzone and Moore and expect fans to take the team seriously. You just can't. The Mariners have to go out and add a free agent bat to this team in a corner outfield spot. They are there, and the team has the money to do it. Bite the bullet for once and make it happen.