3 infielders the Mariners should look at to round out the roster

With the reports the Mariners are looking to add another infielder, we take a look at 3 options to fill that need.
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The Mariners have made a few big moves recently (both of which were actually in the same day). Many people will argue if they got better, but there is no real debate if the 2024 Mariners roster is better. They added a corner outfield bat that has the potential to be an impact middle-of-the-order bat, even if it's only for 100 games or so. They also added a back of the rotation or swing bullpen arm (this was underrated as they seriously needed some pitching depth).

They also added a solid corner outfielder who can play first base, a solid defender, and potentially a 20-20 guy. Yes, they lost Robbie Ray, but there was no guarantee Ray would play this year. They did all of this while not increasing their overall budget, leaving them in the same financial spot that they were in heading into the day, so Friday was a big win for the Mariners.

They had previously added Mitch Garver, who will give them a significant upgrade at the DH spot. He is one of the best at the spot, when healthy (thats been the biggest issue, playing only 209 games over the last three years). There is no question that this team has raised the floor since the end of the 2023 season.

Monday morning, it was reported that the Mariners were still looking to add another infielder. They have Luis Urias and Josh Rojas slotted to play second base and third base, but adding some depth to lessen the burden on those two performing would be ideal. Let's take a look at two infielders that may not have a ton of upside but will certainly help continue to give this team more certainty and raise the floor.