3 former Mariners we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we'll wish stayed

With the most roster turnover in baseball, we say goodbye to a couple of fan favorites. Here are some we are glad to see leave, and ones we wish didn't

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Mariners player fans will be thrilled to see gone: Jarred Kelenic

There is no denying Kelenic’s talent. The former sixth-overall pick quickly progressed and dominated the minor leagues. His power/speed combination along with solid defense as a left-handed bat, made him a dream fit for this Mariners team. Fans often fantasized about an outfield of Julio and Kelenic together; it seemed like it had the makings of a “Batman and Robin” sort of pairing.

Kelenic flashed his tremendous potential numerous times but could never string it together consistently. He dealt with injuries, strikeout issues, batting stance chances, and what seemed like many mental battles. For a team that is ready to compete, waiting on Kelenic to figure it out seemed like a wasted adventure. This team needs production right now and couldn’t afford to give Kelenic regular at-bats in hopes it clicks.

The final issue was the immaturity. During Kelenic's time with the Mariners, we saw this on display numerous times with frustration at the plate, even kicking a water cooler late in the year (costing him a few months) that really showed his maturity level. He further emphasized this after being traded to the Braves, continuing to take shots at the Mariners. 

I don’t think any of us would be surprised to see Kelenic become a very good player, it just wasn’t worth it to be with the Mariners. The inconsistency and level of maturity didn’t seem to fit in well with this club from both a clubhouse culture and production standpoint.