3 deserving Mariners who are going to be squeezed off of the Opening Day roster

The season is right around the corner, and roster cuts continue to approach that final number. Here are 3 deserving Mariners who won't start in Seattle
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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Less than a week away. That's how close we are to the start of the season for the Seattle Mariners. Technically the season has already started as of the middle of the night between the 19th and the 20th when the Dodgers and the Padres started off in Korea as the MLB season kicked off with the Seoul Series. The Mariners did this a while back, playing Oakland in Japan to start the year, and I remember how odd it was watching games that early in the morning.

The Mariners just have a normal start this year, once again starting their season with home games as they welcome the Boston Red Sox to town. Roster decisions are still being made, as many a player is wondering where they are going to start their season. Have they done enough to earn the call to Seattle to don a big league jersey on March 28th? Or will they instead start the season down in Arkansas or Tacoma with either the AA or AAA team?

Some players just haven't done enough to make it. Others are making it, possibly, because of injuries that require them to fill in for a while, with the final group battling it out for what seems like a final spot. The Mariners are in a bit of a different situation than years past. They seem to have a true backup catcher in Zavala who is only going to be in the lineup when he fills that role. They also have a full-time DH in Mitch Garver. It limits flexibility more than years past.

Guys like Tyson Miller and Jhonathan Diaz have a better chance to make the roster because of the injuries that could keep Bazardo, Brash, and Santos off the roster to start the season. They'll need relievers, and those guys could earn spots.

What about the ones who might get squeezed out though? That's what we are going to look at today, as we take a glance at some of the Mariners who might get squeezed out of a starting roster spot, even if they seem like they deserve one. Also, I'm leaving Sam Haggerty out of this. As much as I like Swags, it just doesn't seem like there is a spot for him right now with the UTIL players and OF that this team has that seems to be ahead of him.