3 biggest question marks for Seattle Mariners 1/3 of the way through the 2024 season

A 1st place team with so many questions, and a lot of them that need to be answered. Let's check in twith the Mariners at the 1/3 mark of the 2024 season
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
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Will ownership step up at the trade deadline in 2024?

On the topic of acquiring talent, there is no doubt that Dipoto and Hollander will be manning the phones looking to make all of the moves needed to make this team better. At each deadline Dipoto has been at the helm, there has seemingly been either a bold, blockbuster-type move or a bold, headscratcher type of move. What will we see at the trade deadline this year?

As things currently stand on the morning of May 31st, the Mariners have a comfortable 3 game lead, but that isn't necessarily because they are just playing that well. What is usually one of the best divisions in baseball, looks like it could be the worst in the American League (the Mariners have the fifth best record in the American League and lead the division...ouch). The offense needs some work... scratch that, a lot of work! Guys like Julio, Garver, and Cal need to return to form and lead this offense. Surely, there will be a move or two made, but to what extent?

The Mariners have a problem at first base and it's the easiest position to get offense outside of DH (another area the Mariners are struggling). They also have an issue at second base and the corner outfield spots. They aren't going to be able to address all of their issues, but they should look at adding a couple of bats at the deadline. The type of bat may be dependent upon ownership.

If the Mariners and Dipoto want to acquire someone like Pete Alonso (not happening), Vlad Guerrero Jr., or Christian Walker, and maybe even extend them like they did Luis Castillo, will ownership allow this increase in payroll? Or will they force Dipoto to dump salary as they had to this offseason and make a bold move regarding Haniger or Polanco?

This may be the most important question the team needs to answer and directly correlates to the first question. If the production doesn't start coming internally, then ownership and management need to be willing both the financial cost and prospect cost to add elite offensive talent. This pitching staff is a once-in-a-lifetime type of talent and matching it offensively would propel this team to World Series hopefuls.