2023/24 MLB Free Agency Rankings for the Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners underperformed in 2023, and making a splash in Free Agency could be just what the doctor ordered. Here are my rankings for the upcoming offseason
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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Mariners 2023/24 FA Rankings: #25-27

#27: Tommy Pham, OF Arizona Diamondbacks, $8.3 AAV 

Championship teams seem to always have that veteran that either keeps the clubhouse loose, or is the vocal leader to help inspire the team. The next few players on our list meet this criteria, starting with Tommy Pham. After a fantastic first half of the season with the Mets, Pham has been a great veteran addition to a Diamondbacks team that is playing in the NLCS. He could provide that jolt of energy to the club, while also building up strong depth.

#26 Michael Brantley, DH/OF Houston Astros, $9.5 AAV 

If you read any of my offseason content from last season, you know I'm a big fan of Michael Brantley. One of the best pure hitters in the game today, injuries have been the only thing keeping Brantley from continuing to dominate. A native of Seattle, Brantley has ties to the Mariners with his father being a former player, Brantley could be the perfect veteran bat for a team that desperately needs contact and fewer strikeouts in the lineup. Is he willing to leave Houston is the question, as he could be a big swing move in the Astros/M's rivalry.

#25: Brandon Belt, 1B/DH Toronto Blue Jays, $2.4 AAV

Continuing the search for veteran bats and leadership, Belt is another one that got away from Seattle last winter. Belt was long rumored to be on Seattle's radar last year, before eventually signing with Toronto. The former World Series champ produced, giving the Blue Jays a 2 WAR season and a 136 OPS+. Does Seattle trust Canzone to be a platoon with Ty France? How long of a leash does France have?