2 Nationals bats the Mariners could try to acquire before the trade deadline

While the Mariners could go after some of the game's bigger stars at the deadline, there are a couple of bats available from the Nationals that could cost less
Washington Nationals v New York Mets
Washington Nationals v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Mariners have quickly seen a double-digit division lead evaporate in about two weeks thanks to an anemic offense and the scorching-hot Houston Astros. While it pains me to type that last part, it's true, but the Mariner's front office has a path to reinforce the offense this trade deadline. The Chicago White Sox, Colorado Rockies, and Miami Marlins are all firmly in the sell camp, creating interesting fits for the Mariners (Luis Robert, anyone?). According to The Athletic, another team is joining the fray, the Washington Nationals. 

Two underrated bats could make all the difference

The Nationals have overperformed in a tough National League East but cannot overtake the Phillies or Braves. The talent gap is just too large. However, the Nats still have valuable pieces that could inject much-needed firepower into the floundering Mariner offense, offering a glimmer of hope for the team's second half. 

The Athletic article specifically mentioned old friend Jesse Winker, who's having a career resurgence. The lefty-swinging outfield, best known in Seattle for his role in a brawl with the Los Angeles Angels and some questionable work ethic, is back to his old self. 

Winker took the offseason seriously, is fully healthy, and is slashing a superb .268/.382/.436. If Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander acquired the 30-year-old outfielder, he would immediately lead the team in nearly every offensive category. The metrics support his play: Winker's 8.6 barrel rate is his best since 2021, and he's also in the 97th percentile in chase rate. Winker also is walking at a 13.6% clip. That sounds like a solid recipe to curb the lineup's strikeout issues.  

A Winker deal wouldn't cost much, considering he is a rental. A couple of prospects in the 20-30 range should get him back in Mariners' teal and ultimately taking a slumping Mitch Haniger's at-bats or even a seemingly overmatched Dominic Canzone's spot on the team. 

Another player that should be on the Mariners' radar is Luis Garcia. The 24-year-old infielder, with his age and 3.5 years of control, is a valuable asset that could significantly bolster the Mariners' lineup. While he may cost more than Winker, his acquisition would be a strategic investment that won't break the farm system like a Jazz Chisholm acquisition. 

Garcia isn't flashy, but he does offer everything the Mariners' lineup needs. He barrels at an above-average rate (8.6), hits the ball hard (88.8 EV), and strikes out below league average (15.9). The one stat to hone in on is Garcia's batting average on spin (.317), which is kryptonite to the Mariners' offense. 

Garcia probably costs two of your top ten prospects; a package of Jonatan Clase and Tai Peete fills two needs for the Nationals. They need a dynamic speed threat to the team with first-time all-star C.J. Abrams. Clase does that. Plus, they need to acquire infielders with upside who could eventually fill the hole at third base (Peete). For the Mariners, this move makes Jorge Polanco expendable, and likely moves super utilityman Dylan Moore back to the bench.

Again, these aren't the sexy moves most fans are clamoring for, but adding two league average bats in Garcia and Winker could make a significant difference and hopefully help the Mariners turn the tide.