2 Mariners who won't be back despite surviving the Winter Meetings, 1 who is guaranteed to return

With the conclusion of the Winter Meetings, we take a look at who is still not safe and who is guaranteed to be on the 2024 roster.
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Trade for reliever or a #5 starting pitcher: Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore has been a solid utility player for the Mariners over the last 5 years, but I think his time on this roster has come to an end. He helped the Mariners quite a bit through 2020 and 2022 putting up a combined 4.7 fWAR over that time, proving that he can be a really valuable player, but I just don't think he fits the Mariners process going forward.

Dylan Moore has a career 30.5% strikeout rate and that jumped up to almost 34% in 2023, something that Dipoto has made it a point to get rid of. He is a career .208 hitter, again something Dipoto stated that they wanted to improve upon, making contact. His versatility provides value, but with Caballero being able to cover most infield spots and do a better defensive job, Dylan Moore's versatility doesn't factor in as much in the outfield because his offensive ability doesn't profile well out there. My final point is that Dylan Moore is doing over $6 million over the next 2 years, and to most franchises, that isn't a lot, but we have seen this team shed salary like crazy, and I think they can better allocate that money.

Ultimately, I think Dylan Moore is a valuable piece to a team. I think he gets traded and maybe he can net you a #5 starter or a solid bullpen arm. We have talked all offseason about dealing from the depth of the starting pitching to address the offense, but how about trading from the depth of utility infielders to help address the bullpen that needs another arm or two. I think it is very likely we see Dylan Moore in a different jersey come 2024.