2 Mariners that should play more, 2 that should play less

What are some adjustments to playing time the Mariners could make to improve their performance?
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Many fans are somewhat dissatisfied with how Seattle's season has started. Despite a promising offseason (to some, others are impossible to please), the Mariners seem to be floundering on all fronts. The team's OPS of .618 is ranked 26th in MLB. The team's ERA of 4.28 is actually average but that's because of the incredible work by the bullpen thus far. The team's ERA for starting pitchers is 4.91, 24th in MLB.

Assuming no new faces are added in the coming weeks, what are some roster moves the team can make with its existing pieces to try and rectify their current shortcomings? More specifically, who should get more playing, and who should get less?

Dylan Moore Should Get More Time

Moore has never been a full-time starter in his six major-league seasons but it might be about that time. He's gotten a decent amount of playing time this year, accruing 28 plate appearances and posting a .721 OPS. Not incredible in its own right, but there are peripheral metrics that suggest that it should be even better. His batted ball data is excellent, averaging an exit velocity of 91.9 mph and quality of contact metrics in the top quartile of major league players.

This is illustrated in his expected stats, namely his xSLG of .414, which is a good amount higher than his actual slugging percentage of .364. He's walking at a stellar 17.9%, on par with Juan Soto this year. He hasn't gotten enough time in the field to put together any meaningful defensive metrics just yet but he's never had a poor glove and would likely be able to, at the very least, keep up with his peers.

The main reason he needs " target="_blank">more time is because of his bat. Seattle's offense is clearly struggling and will need to pick up if the team hopes to compete. On one hand, they've been historically cold to start off every season. On the other hand, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?