1 Trade Candidate from every MLB team that the Mariners should consider

The MLB Hot Stove is underway. With the GM Meetings coming up and the Mariners knowing what they want to change with this team, we look at the best trade target from all 32 teams.
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Brewers - Devin WIlliams

Williams has been the best reliever in baseball over the last few years. I touched on acquiring him previously and he would make this bullpen even better than when Sewald was here. He has elite strikeout numbers, solid walk numbers and one of the best pitches in baseball, in his changeup. He would be expensive, but man, this bullpen would be scary.

Cardinals - Nolan Gorman

Gorman has been one of the most talked about players in Mariners and Cardinals rumors. He doesn't fit the bill of the guys Dipoto is acquiring, but he has some crazy high upside. He very well could hit 240 with 35-40 home run potential, it's that good. He will strikeout a ton, but you are getting a borderline 500 slugging percentage and legit, regular 30 home run potential. He could slot in at third base with the departure of Geno.

Cubs - Christopher Morel

Morel has been talked about in quite a few different trades this offseason with the Cubs. I don't necessarily think they are looking to move him, but he is talented. He has put up some really impressive numbers in the minor leagues and really broke out in 2023 with 26 homes and a 119 wRC+. He played games at every position minus catcher and first base, potentially giving the Mariners a high upside, uber athletic super utility player.

Reds - Spencer Steer

Spencer Steer is one of my favorite players in the game and I have talked about acquiring him previously. Another super utility type player having spent time at 5 different positions in 2023, he isn't a great defender anywhere, but he can pass at all of them. The upside with Steer is on the offensive side of the ball. In 2023 he slashed .271/.356/.464 with 23 home runs and 15 stolen bases. He is a CTZ guy with a 20.9% K rate and a 10.2% walk rate. With Geno gone, he can become the everyday third baseman, or play a super utility role if you acquire a solid third baseman.

Pirates - Dauri Moreta

Moreta is a name most probably aren't familiar with, but he is downright nasty! He has a pitch that people call the wrong way slider. I don't even know how to explain it other than to just say to look it up. In 2023 he threw 58 innings with a 3.72 ERA and an 11.8 K/9 with 3.7 BB/9. He would be a solid addition to the middle of this bullpen with some real strikeout, high leverage upside.