As relievers start to sign in free agency, could Mariners instead trade for Devin Williams?

The Brewers are looking to rebuild and the Mariners really need to add to their bullpen. They have already subtracted one piece in Isaiah Campbell. How about replacing him with the best reliever in the game?

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Mariners Acquire Devin Williams for Gabriel Gonzalez, Michael Arroyo, Cade Marlowe and Michael Morales

This is more of a bulk deal than the previous deal and it might require a higher-valued prospect than Marlowe or Morales, and that would be fine with me. But don't get it twisted, Gabriel Gonzalez is the main piece of this deal. He is a very talented corner outfield with a plus-hit tool. He possesses some sneaky power and could be a guy who hits 260+ with 25 home runs in a corner spot.

Arroyo is a very solid #2 prospect to headline a deal. Arroyo has a plus and maybe even double plus hit tool. He profiles as a very solid second baseman or third baseman. I have seen some comps to peak Howie Kendrick or a poor man's version of Michael Young. I could see Arroyo hitting 300+ in the big leagues if things work out and could maybe run into 10-15 home runs at his power peak.

Marlowe is an older outfielder who has some 4th outfielder in him. He might be able to have a couple of years here and there that are good enough to be an everyday outfielder, but there are some strikeout concerns. Morales is a surprisingly young pitcher, he will be 21 for all of the 2024 season, but it will be his 4th season in the Mariners organization. He profiles as an innings eater in the back of a rotation.