1 Trade Candidate from every MLB team that the Mariners should consider

The MLB Hot Stove is underway. With the GM Meetings coming up and the Mariners knowing what they want to change with this team, we look at the best trade target from all 32 teams.

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NL East

Braves - Ozzie Albies

This would be one of the biggest moves the Mariners could make and could help calm Mariners fans after losing Geno. Albies would slot in as the everday second baseman, allowing Rojas and Urias to platoon at third base. Albies is one of the best second baseman in the game and supported that in 2023 with a .280/.336/.513 slash with 33 home runs and 13 stolen bases. He would fit in the lineup really well anywhere and give them an elite bat they desperately need.

Marlins - Jazz Chisolm

This might be the most exciting, and highest ceiling player the Mariners could acquire. At his ceiling and fully healthy, Jazz Chisolm is a legit 5+ win player. In 2922 he was a 2.5 fWAR player in only 60 games! He strikes out a lot with a 29.2% K rate in his career, but you would be getting a legit corner outfielder or second baseman, that could hit .250/.330/.500+ with 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases. There are a lot of injury concerns as he the most games he has played in a season was 124 back in 2021, but man, the ceiling is a legit MVP level player. Could you imagine having him, Julio and JP on one team, that is probably the most entertaining core of players.

Mets - Jeff McNeil

McNeil was rumored to be a target of Dipoto's when the Robinson Cano to the Mets trade happened. McNeil seems like a perfect Dipoto guy, as he has a career 11.4% K rate and a .298 average. He has a career 123 wRC+ and can play probably 4 or 5 positions well. I like the idea of adding McNeil as a controllable, mature above average super utility player.

Nationals - Lane Thomas

The Mariners certainly need to add a corner outfielder this offseason and Lane Thomas would be a solid add. We talked about him previously, as an older outfielder that broke out in 2023, with a 109 wRC+, 28 home runs and 20 steals. He was worth 2.7 wins. Looking at possible options to add in the outfield, Thomas isn't at the top of my list, but the Mariners could certainly do worse than Thomas.

Phillies - Alec Bohm

With the recent trade of Eugenio Suarez, the Mariners have a need for a third baseman. He fits the theme of this offseason perfect, running a solid career K rate of 19.1 and it has decreased pretty much every year. He hit a career high 20 home runs in 2023 and had a 105 wRC+. I don't think he would be expensive to acquire, but he is probably more valuable to the Phillies than whatever they could trade him for.