1 Mariners trade Jerry Dipoto will regret and 2 that will be home runs

This offseason has been an absolute success with the team looking dramatically different than last year's club. Here is 1 trade that Dipoto might want back as well as 2 that will drive the success of this team.

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The Gregory Santos trade will prove to be one of the best trades in Dipotos era

Remember when everyone was mad that the Mariners traded Paul Sewald? Fans were extremely upset at that time, and I totally get it. Sewald was part of a three headed monster that included Andres Munoz and Matt Brash, while he was also a great presence in the locker room.

Dare I say it? I think the bullpen is better heading into 2024 than it was heading into the 2023 season. The addition of Gregory Santos (Check out each strikeout he had in 2023!) lessens the blow of the loss of Sewald (I'm going to say it, I think Santos is better than Sewald in 2024). They also have a lot more solid relievers at the back end of the bullpen with guys like Gabe Speier, Taylor Saucedo, and Trent Thorton. This bullpen still has a three headed monster and could further prove Dipoto and Hollander's elite ability to build a bullpen.

The cost to acquire Santos only cost Prelander Berroa (who's absolute ceiling was Santos with less control), Zach Deloach (who didn't have a spot on this team), and a draft pick (something that the Mariners don't really need during this contention window). The Mariners traded for Munoz and Brash in trades that seemed like they weren't that big of a deal, yet those two have been instrumental in the success of this team. The Santos trade could top that and become one of the best trades in the Dipoto and Hollander era.