Mariners’ Kyle Seager Could Be Playing His Last Series in Seattle

This weekend could be the last time Seattle Mariners fans see star third baseman Kyle Seager in a Mariners uniform at T-Mobile Park.

Seager, whose contract with the Mariners comes to a close this offseason, is eligible for a $20 million option for next year; however, the decision to offer that contract is in the hands of the Mariners, and some evidence is pointing in the direction that Seager will not be extended that offer.

As many Mariners fans know, Kyle Seager’s wife, Julie Seager, is highly active on Twitter. She took to Twitter this offseason when former Mariners CEO Kevin Mather made comments that Seager was not worth his $19 million contract this season, questioning if the Seager family should put up their house in Seattle for sale; this Tweet was later deleted.

Later, when the Mariners unexpectedly traded closer Kendall Graveman at the Trade Deadline, Julie Tweeted the “lips zipped shut” emoji, further expressing her disapproval with the organization. Now, as the 2021 regular season comes to a close this weekend, Julie Seager is sending out some more cryptic messages:

Fans are fully aware that Kyle Seager’s seven-year contract concludes this season, but after serving up career highs with 35 home runs and 100 RBIs, it was certainly within reason to consider that the Mariners would be offering him the option for next year. However, the debate has always gone both ways, as there are several free agent infield targets this offseason, and some young players in the Mariners system that could replace him soon.

Julie Seager’s emotional Tweets seem to suggest that the Mariners have had internal conversations with Kyle Seager, letting him know that they will most likely be heading in a different direction this offseason. If that’s the case, Julie Seager will certainly not be the only teary-eyed fan in the seats this weekend.