Mariners lose by more than two touchdowns against the Padres

The Seattle Mariners played the first game in a series against the San Diego Padres on Friday. Hold on, it’s probably better to phrase that as the Mariners were on the same field as the Padres on Friday amidst a complete and utter shellacking from Tatis and Co.

Through the top of the first, it seemed like it was going to be a good day for the Mariners. Jose Godoy was called up, becoming the 20,000th player to play in MLB history, as the Mariners other triple-A catcher has actually been hitting better than Cal Raleigh, who we thought would get the call soon. The Mariners would then score a run in that first half-inning, taking a 1-0 lead. It seemed like they were hitting the ball pretty well, and with Flexen on the mound, you had to be feeling pretty good about it.

That would be the end of any good feelings that the Mariners and their fans would have on the day.

The Padres would drop a four-spot in the bottom half of the first, the first of three separate innings that they would score four runs, accompanied by a fourth where they would score three runs. That was the start of their march to 16 runs on the day.

We knew that it was going to be a long day, especially if the Padres got to the Mariners bullpen early. The team had a positive COVID test early on in the day on Friday, leading to nine different roster moves being made. It seemed like it originated in the bullpen, as four of them ended up being placed on the IL for contact tracing.

The game ended up being awful, and I’ll admit that I turned it off in the second after they went down 7-1, just watching gamecast on my phone after that. I was having a good Friday otherwise and didn’t need to be sad from watching the Mariners get annihilated.

It was the top of the lineup for the Padres that seemed to hurt us the most. Their top five in the order went 12-21 with two walks and 13 RBI, not to mention all three of the home runs that their team would hit.

The Mariners, on the other hand, had four hits as a team. At least they had six walks. They somehow managed to lower their team batting average to .197. That’s .075 worse than the league-leading Astros. The silver lining is that things have to turn around at some point unless the team truly is going to make a run at being the worst-hitting team of all time. The record is .207 for the MLB and .212 for the AL.

The main takeaway from last night is that the Mariners could have scored two touchdowns in the 9th inning, and they still would’ve lost 15-16. Game two will be this evening at 5:40 PM PST. Let’s see if the Mariners can turn things around and snap that four-game losing streak.