Seattle Mariners Trade Idea for Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi of the Red Sox stretches. Seattle Mariners trade ideas.

BOSTON, MA – JULY 24: Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox warms up. Seattle Mariners trade ideas. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Seattle Mariners trade idea for Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox

According to reports, the Boston Red Sox are thinking about moving Andrew Benintendi. Should the Seattle Mariners consider him? And what would the Seattle Mariners have to give up in order to get him?

Andrew Benintendi has a lot of up-side. He is only 26-years-old and if the Red Sox are going to give up on him after a bad 2020, Seattle should at least consider him. The Red Sox outfielder has played five seasons and posted a .273 batting average. He has hit 51 home runs, stolen 53 bases, and 9.8 WAR. Oh and by the way, he helped the Red Sox win the 2018 World Series.

So why are the Red Sox shopping him? Benintendi had a brutal start to 2020 and ended up on the 45-day injured list. He finished 2020 with a .103 batting average.

I will say, Andrew Benintendi is not the most ideal player for the Seattle Mariners right now. Benintendi is a left-handed batter just like Jarred Kelenic and Taylor Trammell, and having three left-handed outfielders could be undesirable.

Also, the Mariners outfield is already crowded if you include prospects that are expected to play next season. But, having extra depth is never a bad problem to have.

If Benintendi can bounce back and solidify himself as a starter for the Seattle Mariners, it would open up a lot of options. Whether that be using him as a DH, moving someone else from the outfield to DH (Haniger, Lewis, etc.), or providing Jerry Dipoto the flexibility to trade an outfield prospect like Taylor Trammell.

To me, Andrew Benintendi is a can’t miss opportunity. The Mariners can also stay patient with Benintendi because the team is still rebuilding. We don’t need him to hit .300 with 30 home runs and 30 steals this season, unlike some contenders.

The coaching staff could really focus on Benintendi getting back on track rather than figuring out how he can help us win now. So, here is my trade idea.

Mariners Get
Andrew Benintendi
Red Sox Get
Jake Fraley
Sam Carlson
Ty Adcock

The Red Sox are apparently seeking outfield and pitching prospects, so Jake Fraley, Sam Carlson, and Ty Adcock would be a reasonable return for the Red Sox. They are the Mariners 9th, 15th and 28th ranked prospects.

Baseball Trade Values rate this as a fair trade: 5.30 for the Mariners, and 5.80 for the Red Sox. I think it would make a lot of sense for both teams.

It may seem like a lot to give up, but I think Jake Fraley is expendable for the Seattle Mariners and is a little overrated as the 9th ranked prospect. Fraley joined Seattle in the Mike Zunino trade with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018.

Fraley is now 25-years-old and hasn’t played very much in the big leagues. Between 2019 and 2020, he has played just 19 games. In those games, he’s batted just .152.

He played well in Double-A and Triple-A but I am afraid he won’t be able to perform for the Mariners. As I mentioned before, the Mariners outfield is already crowded and there is a lot of uncertainty with Fraley’s future in Seattle.

In my mind, it makes sense to move Fraley and get an outfielder with a history of performing like Benintendi.

Fraley wouldn’t be enough for the Red Sox despite being the 9th ranked Mariners prospect. So Sam Carlson would be a good addition to the package. He has barely pitched in the minors due to injuries, but he still has the potential to become a solid MLB pitcher. Carlson is only 22-years-old and was the 55th overall selection in 2017.

Ty Adcock is the last player I would add. He was drafted in the 8th round draft during the 2019 MLB Draft.

I will reiterate again, Andrew Benintendi is not the most ideal player for the Seattle Mariners. But, I think it is worth discussing and something the Mariners should seriously consider. Benintendi is still very young and would fit into the Seattle Mariners timeline perfectly.

If the Red Sox are willing to ship him off at a low cost, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mariners are rumored to be interested.