Will Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners ever get his own Jordan shoe?

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - JULY 16: A view of the Nike Air Jordan shoes worn by Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - JULY 16: A view of the Nike Air Jordan shoes worn by Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /
Seattle Mariners OF Kyle Lewis' Nike cleats.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – AUGUST 02: A view of the Nike Air Jordan shoes worn by Kyle Lewis of the Seattle Mariners. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Will Seattle Mariners outfielder Kyle Lewis ever get his own Jordan Brand shoe?

The Seattle Mariners outfielder Kyle Lewis won the AL ROY unanimously last season and is clearly the future of the Mariners. But can he also be the future of the Jordan Brand’s baseball segment?

The Jordan Brand has a large share of endorsed athletes in the NBA, but the company still has a decent size presence in the MLB. Kyle Lewis happens to be one of them. The Jordan Brand definitely has an exclusivity aspect to its marketing, and very few athletes have had their own signature shoe through Jordan.

Matter as a of fact, signature shoes in baseball are just rare compared to basketball. Ken Griffey Jr. had a super popular line of products with the Jordan Brand, but since then, no other player that I can think of has worked with the Jordan Brand to that extent.

MLB players with their own signature shoe

The only two MLB players who have their own signature shoe right now are Mike Trout and Bryce Harper. Nike has been working with Mike Trout for some time. The Trout line of products includes baseball cleats and some stylish turf shoes, which are a little reminiscent of Griffey’s big bulky shoes.

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Bryce Harper has been endorsed by Under Armour since 2011 and the company has come out with Bryce Harper cleats to compete with Trout’s product line. Clayton Kershaw also signed a deal with Skechers and they created a one of a kind shoe for him, but those are not sold commercially like Trout and Harper’s shoes.

There are a handful of other companies that produce baseball cleats but they do not have a specific design named after a baseball player. New Balance and Adidas are two good examples. They sponsor a variety of MLB players but none have created a signature shoe for their own athletes.

What does Kyle Lewis need to do?

To put it simply, Kyle Lewis needs to become the best of the best. Sponsorships are no joke in professional sports. Adidas’s big MLB players include Aaron Judge, Alex Bregman, and Fernando Tatis Jr. and they don’t even have their own shoe. The same could be said for the variety of New Balance MLB athletes.

But I think the Jordan Brand stands out from the crowd because of its history of creativity. It seems like Nike and the Jordan Brand constantly churn out new designs and custom shoes for athletes. So there is a big opportunity for Kyle Lewis as a current member of the Jordan team.


If Kyle Lewis can continue his 2020 play for the rest of his career, I think he is an easy candidate for the next MLB player to lead the Jordan Brand. Ken Griffey Jr. is the only MLB player to have his own signature Jordan shoe sold in the marketplace, and Kyle Lewis has a lot of similarities.

The obvious one being that both are Seattle Mariners players. They both play outfield and are incredibly athletic. Kyle Lewis also has a great smile like the Kid and is a great guy off the field as well.

To sum it all up, Kyle Lewis would be an excellent player to lead the baseball segment of the Jordan Brand and I wish he gets his own signature shoe. The Seattle Mariners color scheme is awesome for Jordan shoes, as the Kid showed us in the past. It would be a great holiday gift in the future and I would be one of the first in line for them.

The timing also works out because the Mariners are on the rise. It would make a lot of sense for the Jordan Brand to shine the spotlight on Kyle Lewis and the Mariners.

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