Seattle Mariners MLB Mock Draft 3.0

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It is time for what is becoming a weekly ritual in light of the absence of Mariners baseball. It is time for another Mock Draft!

The Seattle Mariners hold the number 6, 43, 64, 78, 107, and 137 picks in the first 5 rounds of the MLB Draft. Where the team currently sits in its rebuild, and the lost year of development, this draft will be absolutely crucial for Jerry Dipoto and Scott Hunter to nail down.

But we need to remember that the MLB Draft and NFL Draft are not the same or even all that similar. Remember, MLB teams aren’t draft for players to help them in 2020 or even 2021. And because of this, positions of need don’t really exist on draft day, at least not early, with the exception of pitching and catching, since every team needs it and there isn’t enough to go around.

So while the Mariners have a stacked outfield prospect group, they won’t pass on another outfielder if he is clearly the best on their board. Unless of course, the team want’s to save bonus pool money and “reach” for talent in order to pay more talent later in the draft, which is also a possibility.

On The Wheelhouse Podcast, Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto stated that ideally, Seattle would be able to draft an up-the-middle offensive player with their first pick. But this doesn’t mean they will or even can. And if we are being honest, drafting players who play up the middle of the field is usually the best possible outcome anyway, because of their rarity.

But that’s enough yammering on. Let’s get to this mock draft and see what we can get done for the Mariners in the 2020 MLB Mock Draft 3.0!

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