Seattle Mariners Trade-a-Day: Greg Holland

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Greg Holland
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 23: Greg Holland /

Mariners nation, I know what you’re thinking. This Sodo Mojo writer is out of his mind. Acquire Cardinals reliever Greg Holland? The guy with an 8.22 ERA through 20 outings this season? Sounds more like a dead bird than a red bird.

Despite his recent struggles and health issues, the Mariners should look at Holland’s positives. In 2014, he saved 46 games in 48 chances along with a 1.44 ERA.

The 2014 playoffs roll along. Holland saves seven games, six of them before the Fall Classic. Oh yeah, he also struck out Mike Trout to end the ALDS Game 2. Three years later, he inked a one-year deal to pitch for the team with the highest altitude. It doesn’t matter how good of hitters Arenado and Car-go are. Holland was the glue to that Rockies team.

If he’s not their closer, they don’t make the playoffs last season. He carried that team with his 41 saves and proved a solid closer makes all the difference. His final 2017 ERA of 3.61 wasn’t stellar but that’s because he came down to earth come the second half. Every pitcher will.

Greg Holland should be considered for the Mariner setup role. Dipoto needs to ponder another option if Colome continues batting practice. A key difference between Holland and Colome? One has proven himself in the playoffs while the other has zero playoff experience…yet.

Edwin Diaz is, of course, the Mariner closer. Problem is, you need to get to him. Nicasio and Vincent were no-good setup men. Colome still could be but hasn’t been so far. Greg Holland is worth investing in as that potential guy to roll the carpet for Diaz. His past playoff resume is encouraging.

One of the drawbacks of Holland is that he’s not the cheapest reliever out there. The Cards are paying him 14 million this year. Despite no salary cap, the Mariners may not want to deal away too much to try and match Holland’s worth.

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If so, the Mariners should trade Dan Altavilla plus a minor league reliever. Why? Holland’s St. Louis deal is only one year and he’s pitched horribly. Not much financially at stake for the Cards there.