Not the “Same Ole’ Mariners”: 2018 Squad Fights Back to Earn Win

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 21: Jean Segura
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 21: Jean Segura /

The Seattle Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 9-7 on Saturday night. The win clinched a series win for Seattle. However, this win was not just a run of the mill victory. Instead, it may be a victory that tells a new story of the Seattle Mariners.

After all, this was not a game the Seattle Mariners had to win. It was not a win they should have gotten. And over the better course of the last decade, it was not a win most, if any, Mariners teams would have gotten. However, this is not the same team of decades past.

This game could have ended after Seattle ace, James Paxton could only last 4 innings while giving up 5 runs and throwing 90 pitches in the process. The game could have ended after Ben Gamel dropped a flyball, costing the Mariners 2 runs in the process.

Or perhaps the game could have ended after a poorly played groundball from Jean Segura. Or when Mariners closer Edwin Diaz lost all ability to throw strikes in the 9th inning. For teams past, it could have ended after Robinson Cano booted a potential game-ending double play ball.

Instead, the Seattle Mariners did something that has been a rare sight in Seattle over the past decade and a half of futility: They won the game anyways.

For you see, the 2018 Mariners are not like Seattle teams of the past. Instead, this team is one that shows a resilience that is even impressive to a crusty old pessimist like me. Many Mariners teams in the past would have let this game get away. After all, they had plenty of excuses to let it happen.

They stacked bad play, on top of bad luck, on top of poor performances from their 2 best pitchers, yet they still won. How many teams in the past could boast such an argument?

Whether or not this ultimately means this roster is talented and deep enough to end the longest playoff drought in North American sports remains to be seen. Honestly, the reservations and limitations of this roster can still not be forgotten based on a 20 game sample size.

But, at least for one night, the Mariners showed us something new. They showed us what winning teams often do. That no matter what the circumstances, they will continue to battle.

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Seattle teams of the past would have folded when faced with that much adversity in a single game. Not the 2018 team. Instead, they chose to fight back. And this time, they won.