It’s Too Late: Mariners Shouldn’t Consider Cobb

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 22: Starting pitcher Alex Cobb
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 22: Starting pitcher Alex Cobb /

Sorry Mariners fans, but if you are still holding out hope for Alex Cobb, that isn’t going to happen. Should it even happen? Does it still make sense? You may not want to hear this, but no, Alex Cobb doesn’t make any sense.

The simple truth is, the Mariners failed miserably in free agency. After losing on Shohei Ohtani, they appeared to go into a deep funk, and have not made a significant move since. The Mariners really needed 2 veteran starters, and not just scrap heap guys. Legitimate impact arms.

Alex Cobb would have fit into the impact side of the list. He made sense 3 months ago. And again 2 months ago. And again in February. But now, it will make very little difference. The terms of the deal could be extremely team friendly. After all, Lance Lynn just had to settle for a 1-year, $12 million contract.

Is Cobb worth that level of investment? Absolutely, just not for the Mariners. You see, Cobb carries certain risk. Perhaps the most obvious one is his injury history? But hey, on a 1-year deal, who really cares about that?

Second, as a player who received a qualifying offer after the 2017 season, Cobb would cost the Mariners their 3rd round draft pick. A 3rd round pick for the Mariners is a Top 100 pick in this draft.

With the farm system in its current state, does it really make sense for Seattle to sacrifice a Top 100 pick for 1 year of Alex Cobb? No, especially since the Mariners aren’t all that interested in winning in 2018.

I know, I’ve said that so many times, you probably don’t even hear it. However, the Mariners are not. If you can point to one action the Mariners have made in the past 3 months to show us they care to win in 2018, show me.

Jerry Dipoto has said as much. He told reporters that he was hesitant to sign a veteran pitcher because he didn’t want to “impede the development” of his young starter. That is a classic line from a team looking to rebuild.

Contenders aren’t concerned about getting their Marco Gonzales and Andrew Moore big league innings this year. Teams who don’t care about winning do.

Alex Cobb is not coming to Seattle in 2018. And since the Mariners are in the midst of a “slow burn rebuild”, it doesn’t make any sense to change course. The strong springs of Rob Whalen and Marco Gonzales, along with the flashes of brilliance from Ariel Miranda, gives the Mariners a few young pitchers to give opportunities to.

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If the Mariners cared about the short-term, Alex Cobb would be a home run signing. They don’t, and thus, no Alex Cobb. It’s annoying, but might just be the smartest move to make.