The Sodo Mojo “Our Guys” Series: Jean Segura

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 6: Jean Segura /

We here at SoDo Mojo have decided to pick a Mariners we think will be “our guy”. In this article, I will explain why I picked Jean Segura to be “my guy”. Segura projects to be the number 2 hitter, behind newcomer Dee Gordon and in front of Robinson Cano. He is hitting near the top of the best Mariners lineup we have seen in recent memory, with the first 5 hitters being All-Stars.

Jean Segura was signed in 2007 as an armature free agent by the Los Angeles Angels and worked his way into being a top prospect with the team. In 2012, he was the main piece in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers to acquire Zack Greinke. 2013 was his first full season with the Brewers, and he took the game by storm.

He was an all-star, and posted a .294 average with 44 Stolen bases. Even though he didn’t win the Rookie of the Year award, the late Jose Fernandez did, he was set up to have a great career in Milwaukee.

Segura next two seasons were not good statistically. The wheels came off, and he struggled mightily. He was dealing with off the field issues, including losing his child. That would make anyone distracted at their job.

The Brewers then traded him in the 2016 offseason to the Arizona Diamondbacks, where he resurrected his career. In 2016, Segura hit .319 with 20 HRs and 64 RBIs. He also stole 33 bases.

Segura was able to get out of Milwaukee and just focus on baseball, and it proved to be the right remedy for his career.

Last season, Segura slash line was .300/.349/.427. He also hit 11 HR with 45 RBI. He did miss some time in 2017, as he only played in 125 games. While he may not ever repeat his 2016 numbers, we can use his ’17 numbers as a baseline. In 2018, I expect Segura to again hit .300, with around 15 HRs and close to 70 RBI. I think his RBI could skyrocket to career highs simply because of Dee Gordon in front of him. I also believe he can score close to 100 Runs as well.

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With the tools Segura has, matched with the lineup around him, he will have a career year. As long as this team stays healthy, they match up with the best lineups in baseball. the problem is, staying healthy is a tough thing to do. With all that said, I believe Segura will not only excel in 2018, but he will be an all-star for the American League in 2018.