The Worst Decisions in Seattle Mariners History Part 4

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 08: Tim Lincecum
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MAY 08: Tim Lincecum /

We continue our look at absolute ineptitude in Seattle Mariners history, we come to #2 on our list. After discussing the selection of Jeff Clement over Troy Tulowitzki in Part 3 we return to the draft for our next terrible decision.

After the disaster that was the 2005 selection of Clement, the Mariners desperately needed to hit a home run with the 5th pick in the 2006 MLB Draft. Thankfully for Seattle, the 2006 draft class was loaded pitchers, including a local boy who had pitched in Safeco Field during the 3A state finals.

That pitcher was, of course, future 2 time Cy Young Award winner and University of Washington product, Tim Lincecum. Appearing to be a dream come true for the Mariners, a local kid who could energize their fan base.

However; let’s be realistic here. These are the Mariners. This is the team that almost passed on Ken Griffey Jr. because of a personality test. Seattle nearly passed on Alex Rodriguez in the 1993 draft to satisfy the owners desire for a Southern California kid named Darren Dreifort.

Of course the Mariners didn’t select the home town kid. The potential savior to pair with emerging star Felix Hernandez. Instead, Seattle selected PAC-10 pitcher Brandon Morrow. To make matters worse, 2 future All-Stars were selected immediately after Morrow. Their names? Andrew Miller and a skinny high school pitcher named Clayton Kershaw.

Every franchise has their fair share of draft mistakes. After all, the MLB draft is not an exact science. However, for the Mariners to so royally miss on back to back Top 5 picks, crippled the franchise for years.

Not surprisingly, the mastermind behind this draft was Bill Bavasi, arguably the worst GM in sports history. The Seattle Mariners simply tried to outsmart the room. Instead, they whiffed on a franchise shortstop and co-ace pitcher in back to back drafts.

Next: Jeff Clement over Troy Tulowitzki???

Lincecum would end up going 10th overall to the Giants, 1 spot ahead of Max Scherzer. Draft misses are a part of the life of any GM. However; Bill Bavasi made it into an art form.