Seattle Mariners Still Need to Add Their Bullpen

ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 23: Edwin Diaz
ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 23: Edwin Diaz /

As we begin the countdown to the end of 2017, the Seattle Mariners still need to add if they want to end their 16 year playoff drought. While most scream for a starting pitcher, the Mariners still need to add impact to its bullpen.

As fans continue to clamor for a starter to join the Mariners, it is important not to overlook the bullpen. While Seattle has already addressed some of their bullpen needs with the Juan Nicasio signing, there is still work to be done.

If Jerry Dipoto truly likes his rotation, he cannot go into 2018 with the bullpen as is. The truth is, a back-end of Edwin Diaz, David Phelps, and Juan Nicasio isn’t to bad. However, it is not capable of covering up for their current bullpen.

There has been a run of free agent relievers coming off the market. There are, however, several “names” left on the market. While the signings of Greg Holland or Wade Davis seem like pipe dreams, names like Addison Reed still make sense.

Reed is said to be looking for at least $10 million per year, but he still might be a good option. He has appeared in 157 games the past 2 seasons, compiling a K/9 of 9 or higher each season. Reed also does not hand out free passes, having a sub 2.0 BB/9 in 2016-2017.

The Mariners could also head into the trade market to find their next reliever. Names like Kelvin Herrera, Joakim Soria, Alex Wilson, and Alex Colome all make sense as well. However; the name of the addition is not the subject of our discussion.

The Mariners must make substantial additions to their 25 man roster. If not, this entire off-season will have been a terrible failure. A minor addition to the pitching staff will not get them over the hump.

The current roster is, at best, a .500 team at the moment. In order to make the playoffs, the Mariners need to add about 7 wins to its roster. It is possible to add 2 or 3 wins based on health, luck, and development. However; hope is not a course of action.

If they do not have the assets to acquire an impact arm on the trade market, and are unwilling to spend big on the small portion of arms on the market, the must find another avenue. And if Seattle is indeed happy with its rotation, they must shore up the last few spots of in their bullpen.

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Jerry Dipoto and the Mariners must continue to add impact to it’s 25 man roster. The bullpen is the easiest to find that impact. Adding strong bullpen pieces also makes a rebuild easier. If they cannot add these pieces, the 2018 season cannot, and will not, be a success.