The Mariners should become aggressive sellers this trade season

SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 28: Nelson Cruz
SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 28: Nelson Cruz /
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Let’s face it, the 25 men that make up the Mariners roster are not a playoff team. They could possibly finish the year as a .500 team. This team could break the record for longest win streak and then immediately after break the record for longest losing streak.

This team just doesn’t have the consistency needed to make the playoffs let alone sustain a playoff run. For example, on Saturday, May 27, the Mariners were eight games under .500 having just dropped their seventh game in their last eight tries. Then they rattled off 9 of 10 and were 30-30. Then some more struggling play sent them to 33-37, but six straight wins and they were two games over.

This team just doesn’t play consistently well, but doesn’t ultimately play consistently bad. Like they have stretches where they play like the worst team in the league, but ultimately bounce back with a string of wins.

But now that we’ve established this current group of guys isn’t a playoff team, we should look at how they can become a playoff team in the future. Click through to see two moves the Mariners should make to set themselves up well for the future.