Mariners Greatest Hits: Shortstop Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez

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Many Mariners fans may feel the way that Alex Rodriguez looks when they think about his saga in baseball. Thankfully M’s fans got to see A-Rod before he turned into A-Roid, but his greediness led him away from Seattle. Yet, no matter what he did off the field or did during his time with the Mariners, Texas Rangers or the New York Yankees, we’re here to look at the best outings Rodriguez had before he went “bad” in Texas and New York.

Before A-Rod was making more than 20 million dollars -which he did since 2001 (except 2014) and will continue to do until 2017- he was playing like his was worth that kind of money with the Mariners.

In his first full season with the club, Rodriguez was so good that he ranked second in the American League MVP vote, only three votes behind the winner, Juan Gonzalez, he was selected to the All-Star Game, and won the Silver Slugger award, all while he was making a measly (for him) $442,000.

From 1996 through 2000, A-Rod has some of his best games of his career, and they were done in a Mariners uniform, and while he was clean.

The following slides, in no particular order, will highlight three of his best outings during his time in Seattle based on home many hits, home runs, RBIs etc. he collected that day to help the M’s bring home a win.

Whether you loved him or you hated him, there’s no denying that he was exceptionally good. So without further ado, here are our top three games of Alex Rodriguez’s career with the Seattle Mariners.