Mariners Greatest Hits: Second Baseman Robinson Cano

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Even though he hasn’t been with the Mariners for very long, Robinson Cano has still been able to make a tremendous impact on the M’s organization. In honor of his nomination into our M’s all-time roster and all that he’s accomplished in a Mariners uniform so far, here are Cano’s top-three best outings of his career.

It’s rare that a player’s past, present and probable future stats are all equally hall of fame worthy, but when it comes to Mariners second baseman, Robinson Cano, that’s exactly the case.

Before Jay-Z brokered an outrageous 10-year deal for 240 million dollars for Cano to join the Mariners, Cano was tearing up the AL East with the New York Yankees. On 74 occasions he faced his current team and hit the M’s pitching with ease.

Of the 15 teams that Cano has played against for at least 50 games against, he has the 5th highest batting average versus the Mariners. He also managed 50 RBI and seven home runs against the M’s which ranks him 11th and 15th respectively among all of his past opponents.

But we’re not here to talk about how Cano hurt the Mariners, we’re here to discuss how he helped them. More specifically, breaking down his three most helpful (or in this case, his best) games with the Mariners.

We have selected what we believe is Cano’s top three outings in an M’s uniform based on how many hits, runs, and RBIs he had that day, and the magnitude of his performance in relation to that game on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Enjoy reliving the early magnificence of what is sure to be a long and storied career for Robinson Cano with the Seattle Mariners.