Mariners Fans are Like Kids on Christmas Morning


This offseason has been one of, if not, the biggest offseasons in the history of the Seattle Mariners organization.  So on the biggest morning of anticipation of the year for kids it’s appropriate that we appreciate that Mariners fans are like kids on Christmas morning.

Jack Zduriencik, the General Manager of the Seattle Mariners, was fired and Jerry Dipoto was hired to replace him.  What has followed has been a total transformation of the coaching staff and the roster.  The new Seattle Mariners Executive Vice President and General Manager has rebuilt this team.  That’s the most accurate adjective that describes what has transpired since he was hired.  Almost every day there was at least one move made with the organization.  Although the task at hand is most likely not nearing it’s end, every Seattle Mariner fan has been left writhe with anticipation as to what’s next.

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Only one coach remains from last year’s coaching staff.  Twenty-two players remain from last year’s 40-man roster.  There are 18 new faces on the roster.  Who makes it onto the 25-man Opening Day roster?  How many more moves will be made before that day?  How will the new coaches do?  How will these new player changes play out on the field?  Will the outfield perform significantly better than last year’s outfield since it’s more athletic?  Will this new outfield make the starting staff better?  How will the new starters fare?  Do you know anyone in the bullpen?  Most of the bullpen is new.  What about the offense?  Will the higher contact rate and lower strikeout rate players result in more players on base and eventually more runs for the team?

The truth is no one knows what to expect.  The media will do their best to throw numbers and statistics to let everyone know how the team stacks up on paper.  But the reality is that no one knows.  There are too many changes for anyone to be sure what is going to happen.

Sep 30, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto conducts an interview in the dugout before a game against the Houston Astros at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

For many years the Mariners have had offseasons of change.  Some small and some big, but this season seems entirely different.  Maybe it’s because Jerry Dipoto’s moves have been cold and calculated and precisely executed exactly how he explained he would on day one.  Jerry has executed his philosophy to the extreme that when no one would trade value for value, as in the case of Mark Trumbo, he pulled the trigger anyway.

The last couple of Christmases haven’t exactly been easy for myself and the kids after the divorce.  There haven’t been as many presents, the mood not exactly merry, and the house holiday lights didn’t get put up.  But the basics were always covered and the kids and I made the best of it.  The anticipation wasn’t quite there for any of us.  You could say we were going through the motions.  But it got done.

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This year things are very different.  We put up the lights on the house together this year.  We played board games and watched a movie last night and when they went to bed their eyes were were filled with excitement and anticipation.  They were so excited they set the coffee maker to make coffee for me in the morning.  The lights are up, the tree is full of presents, and the stockings are so heavy they are barely able to stay hung.  I can’t sleep.  I’m excited for what’s to come.  I can’t wait to see them unwrap what I have so carefully picked out for them.

I imagine that is exactly how Jerry Dipoto must feel.  He must be so excited for the fans of the Mariners.  He’s gone out and done his shopping for this team.  During a holiday party he announced the re-signing of Hisashi Iwakuma and you could see the excitement as he told the rest of the Mariners staff.  If your fandom for this team has a pulse it has to be racing with anticipation to see this team on the field.  Opening Day can’t come soon enough.