Mariners News: Andy Van Slyke the Pied Piper


Andy Van Slyke, former outfield coach of the Mariners was interviewed this week by Frank Cusumano on CBSSports 920 AM in St. Louis and said some pretty harsh things about Mariners second baseman

Feb 26, 2015; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners coach Andy Van Slyke poses for a portrait during photo day at Peoria Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano in the third segment saying he is the worst player he’s ever seen and that he’s the main reason the GM and the coaching staff lost their jobs.  If you have already heard the segment or read one of the many transcriptions online you can easily see that a Andy Van Slyke is upset he got fired and wants to blame everyone he can.

Now I understand that it’s no fun to get told your services are no longer needed at your job.  Trust me on that one, I’m going through something of the sort at this time.  I can tell you I know the feelings he’s going through.  Regardless of why this has taken place, it leaves a pretty dry taste in your mouth for anything or anyone that may have contributed to it.

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Everyone has heard of the 5 stages of grief of job loss right?  Well, I don’t think Mr. Van Slyke has abandoned the initial stage of blaming everyone around him.  When I heard him talking about being a part time hitting coach and praise the hard work of Howard Johnson then turn around and describe being a hitting instructor as being a daycare provider, I honestly wondered if the radio host was going to offer him cheese with his whine.

Andy blasted Robinson Cano as the most awful player he had ever seen for the first half of the season.  He blasted Fernando Rodney as being horrible.  He even said he was upset at Edgar Martinez for wanting to get a job in baseball and putting the Mariners organization in a difficult spot to hire him and fire Howard Johnson.  And he did it all in an almost incoherent rambling.

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What is the end goal here?  I honestly believe that he’s in the blaming stage and someone put him behind a microphone, but there’s more.  Normally someone wouldn’t go as far as saying it in public like that.  The goal here is to warn baseball people about the Mariners organization.  He wants to warn players, coaches, and fans away from the Mariners.  He thinks he’s the Pied Piper playing his tune, luring people away from the place that hurt him and his friends.  Unfortunately the only tune everyone is hearing is the whining.  I’m taking it with a grain of salt.  There might be some truth to his words but it’s mostly pouting.

Here’s my advice for Mr. Van Slyke.  Move through the stages of grief of job loss quickly so you can find a new job in baseball.  That is, unless you are looking to be the Stephen A. Smith of baseball.  Hey, there might be a career path there.  If that’s the case, keep playing your tune but save the juiciest opinions for your own show!